Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Oh nine was oh no to many people. Many farmers and many people are wishing it good riddance.

I don't know why, but I have always thrived in challenging years. I remember selling pigs for 10 cents a pound and figuring my farming was done. Now they are lucky to get fifty cents and are no better off because of the decrease of the power of the dollar over 40-60 years. I really don't see how livestock men do it.

Me, I am just thankful to be here. I have done so many stupid things that could have gotten me killed. My Guardian Angel has done a great job protecting me for sixty years.

Oh Nine was more of an emotional roller coaster for me. Four new babies in the family, the lose of two loved ones, trying to plant more acres than ever in the mud, almost plowing it back out in the mud. But those yields, oh those yields! And the market price "wasn't too hateful" either!

Today I picked up a grain check and took it to the bank. I hope that puts our income and expenses close together for OH NINE. If we are careful, we could be owing a whole bunch of money we can't afford to pay while building our business. I am willing to pay my fair share but planning taxation is almost a full time job for the farmer.

Oh Nine, Oh Boy, Good Bye!



  1. Same to you and all my fine readers Budde! That ole Budde was a good dog, wasn't she? Sable and I are learning...