Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Big Six Oh(No)

Today is the day. I turn 60. It seems like a big deal this time, not sure why. I distinctly remember waking up ten years ago like Rip Van Winkle and both knees were burning from arthritis. I don't remember what I was doing to set them off but they sure were on fire.

That year the 19th was on Sunday so I was probably in NY. Hey maybe it was that cross country skiing LuAnn tried to cripple me with! I bet that was it.

I won't forget LuAnn and the Lewis's setting up my classroom like a spookhouse and funeral home. I came to work on that Friday the 17th, sleepily turn the classroom door key, flipped on the lights and oh no. A day of celebration was planned at my cost.

When that fat little yellow chicken, a hired gun came in to tease me and make me sing in front of half the school and my peers, I like to died as we say down here. I almost lost my composure as I had a really good lesson planned and was on the verge of getting my students to analyze their farm and business records. I actually got so mad I couldn't think. But it blew away just like the snow blew in here last night

Glad we are not going to dinner someplace where they sing some funky version of happy, happy birthday. I will gladly give up the ten percent, free entry or piece of rich dessert.

Speaking of that I have got to lose some weight. I am getting to big around the middle. That might have to be my resolution just like starting this blog a year ago. This blog has been hard on my waistline.(now that's a laugh out loud!)

At least I am still here, somewhat as a contributing member of society I guess. So many friends and family aren't. I remember dad outliving all his friends and now Uncle Roy is too. I have got so many young friends I don't think I will have as much problem with that. I always liked to hang around youth. Now I have to employ them to get my work done!

The ole forty niner turns a big page today.

Thank you Lord.

Ed Winkle
Sorry for the sideways picture, can't get it to orientate right but I will figure it out, old age blunder...


  1. Didn't look like no 59 year old to me this summer! Who would have thought. Good clean livin I suppose. My dad is going to turn 91 in Jan, so there you go.
    I need remedial farming courses perhaps you should start one of those Elderhostel continuing education classes. Wonder if I could still qualify for financial aid...

  2. Can you orientate the photo for me or tell me how to do it Budde? That was when DAD was 60 something! Your dad's a keeper...

  3. Looks good to me... Perhaps you were holding your computer sideways!
    Oh, perhaps I am holding my computer sideways!

  4. Now come on, you did something, right?