Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I woke up early, excited. Just like when I was as a child.

All because God sent his only and begotten Son to us. Do you believe or disbelieve? Not sure yet? There is plenty of help out there.

I still love you if you don't believe, that is part of Christmas. I personally searched my soul when I was 12 before I was baptized in the Protestant Church I was raised in. I do believe.

I have learned so much about Christ and Mass the past few years my head could explode. But I am happy and wish all people could be. I know so many in misery so I feel fortunate to not be like that today.

I do see many people saying Merry Christmas this year and they are not trying to be politcally correct.

It's funny but sad so many take advantage of Christmas, the Holiday, the free time and really don't believe. They watch the lights, they eat the food but they really don't get the whole picture.

I am not sure I do but I hope I do?

I ran across these blogs, from the Ozark's to Kentucky, these stories tell much. There are no words to explain what these people have been through so I will let you do your own reading.

How can I not wish you Merry Christmas?


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