Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One of the great things about NewAgTalk is the International Ag Community.

"This bloke was in a tree hanging over the garden gate as I went out this morning. They are often seen in the gum trees out in the paddocks but dont often come into the garden. He wasn't worried about me going past, just looked at me as if to say "keep the noise down mate, I'm trying to sleep here"

Obscure koala fact: The koalas hands have 2 thumbs and 3 fingers, while their feet have 1 thumb and 3 toes, although 1 of those toes is actually 2 fused together. If you look closely you can see 2 nails from one toe, this is used for grooming. Those nails are pretty sharp and you really know it if they grab you."

This was written by EMU in southern Australia. He said it was 110 degrees there yesterday. That be our mid June here.

I hope we get to see some during our trip "down under."

Kangaroo's in their natural habitat will be great, too. Madison still calls me Papaw Roo sometimes, thanks Luann! I don't bounce around quite as much as I did six years ago though.

I don't think Sable would be safe around a Koala or Kangaroo!

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