Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Clock is Still Ticking

It is almost 2010! How many of you thought you would be here to see this? These year numbers are starting to sound like a fantasy to me. Remember, I was born in '49.

So what do you do differently next year? I plan on doing the same thing as I have always done with some improvements, hopefully.

I don't like much change until I see it really benefits me but the clock is ticking. Tick, tick, tick.

What do you do with every second of that tick?

Today we went 4 wheeling at a friend's farm. What trails he has on flat land to E slopes! A little soil judging training here, A slope is 0-2%, B slope 2-6, C slope 6-12, D slope 12-18, E slope 18-25 percent. That means if you make one 3 foot step, you go up or down one foot on the hill.

Sable ran with his one trip, several miles. I think we rode 25 miles today.

I don't like resolutions but I guess I made some. One is to have as much fun as this old body can take. We tested that theory out today, my bones hurt.

This blog was another one of them one year ago when LuAnn challenged me to put my thoughts on the web. I guess she got tired of me saying the same things over and over to her, family, friends and colleagues.

I always resolve to be a better person. butI am pretty satisified where I am. I do resolve to do those little things that will make me a better person. Listen more, love more, give more, but I am pretty stretched out. I know you and I can always do better.

At 60 you start saying things you believe whether the audience wants to hear it or not. My clock is ticking and I really don't care anymore about hurting someones feelings. It was like walking on egg shells all these years. Politically correct? Not me anymore. Loving and kind? Yes.

I am not rich in money so I can't give millions to my favorite causes. I can and do something though. I am rich in spirit so I will share that. Share the spirit. Be thankful every day your eyes open. Slow down and take time to see the richness around you. I find it really humbling.

So the work goes on, the time flies and the next thing you know, how did I get here?

Enjoy every tick of that clock.

Ed Winkle

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  1. Sable didn't get to run with us again last week when we visited again. We left her home. We have to be careful what we leave out or she will get bored and get revenge by chewing up valuables. Robert sure has a beautiful, hidden place so near the little city.