Friday, December 25, 2009

09 Won't Quit

2009 just won't quit, will she? That is another crazy weather pattern off doppler radar at NOAA just up the road near Wilmington.

We feel for all the stranded people, people without services, people who can't see their loved ones and people in accidents.

It has sure been a crazy year from the get go, especially from a farmers view point. There are too many corn and soybean fields still out there, farmers little fortune down the tubes. Some farmers just did not have good weather this year, we are thankful we just got by.

We had enough rain, it was hard to plant, we had just enough heat to mature the crop, we had just enough lack of rain to get the crop harvested without much soil damage. There are sure some "by golly" ruts out there this year.
Some weather is hard to take like the ice storm in 04, the tornado in 06 and Hurricane Ike in 2008. Those three like to have destroyed this farm! "That is why we carry good insurance."
But we hung on and are so much better off today than other people we sure can't complain.
I hope it is a great day for you and thank you for reading this and being my "follower." I follow some of the smartest people I ever met and just pass what I learn and try on to others.
That's what makes Christmas great and the world go round.

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