Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bad Day At Target Yesterday

After posting what a great day we both had Friday we had a really bad day at Target Stores yesterday. They were just added to our do not shop list with WalMart.

LuAnn and I planned to do a little shopping yesterday to buy some last minute Christmas gifts.

We got there about 1 pm, a 45 minute drive from our farm. We went our own direction as we entered the store as she had things to do and I had some separate shopping to do.

I came out to the car in 20 minutes. No LuAnn. Over an hour, I walked back in 3 times to find here when I figured out something was wrong. I wondered if she had been kidnapped but I figured I would have heard that going on.

The fourth trip I walk in the door and I catch a glimpse of her to the right of me at Customer Service. She was VERY unhappy. When she checked out she used two of her $100 MasterCard Gift Cards to pay for her purchase. The manager was so busy watching 10 things at one time he voided her cards accidentally. The cards showed zero and the store had no receipt of the money from the cards.

LuAnn was livid. It went through two other managers and they started getting on the phone and so did we. Basically they said it would be posted back on those cards though they now read zero and MasterCard says we don't do that.

We drove off and decided we better go get her merchandise as she needed some for today. I put the purchase on my MasterCard so in one day I spent more money that my last month's bill total was.

I felt sorry for those three young people whose hands were tied by Target policies. Yet what they did was wrong and they admitted it. Still we walked out with two cards reading zero and no credit for purchase so we paid double in one day.

Maybe it will work out but this is just wrong. I started reading Target Sucks on Google and read the same thing and more over and over. One lady was called a counterfeiter when she presented a legal 1974 $100 bill for her purchase and it was seized for counterfeit. Someonone goofed up and made it known and she supposedly collected $3.1 million from Target in a lawsuit.

After we finally left there (two hours later) was my farmer friend Merl, parked beside us. I told him what had happened and he said the same thing happened him at WalMart. Number one I don't like WalMart's Chinese junk and would not put my family in their clothes. Number two they are arrogant and ingorant so there are two stores on our do not shop list. Sorry if that offends any of you but that is our experience.

Just the opposite at JC Penney's, Kohl's and Sears. Now you see why we prefer online shopping but these store policies make any shopping challenging. Some stores work it out and others do not. I know where we will be spending our money and slow as she goes.

I don't know why corporate America feels like they have to protect themselves from paying customers when a hanful do the damage.

Ed Winkle


  1. It was the dangest thing I ever saw Budde. Almost ruined our day but we are old enough now to shake it off. If that was some poor person, they would have been out of luck. One daughter said it is good you two have the resources to pay them twice, she said she would have sat in the middle of the floor and just cried.

  2. Somehow you need to keep the pressure up. Sometimes it works to just type a letter and send it by mail to someone as high up in the company as you can find an address for. We need to remember not to just let this stuff go by. Resist!

  3. We are resisting, people we have told this story to just cannot believe it!