Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Yes!

The last guests just headed toward Michigan. What a day! Like LuAnn said I saw people I haven't seen in awhile. I even had three cousins here who have never been here before.

Lots of acres of farming and cover crops were represented by the farmers in attendance. We didn't let farming dominate the conversation though too much with so many non farming family and friends and all those children.

My sister and brother in law made it here from Gallia County. Two former students and their families came early and we had great talks about the past and the present. I have had just a few students over the years!

There were four of us from the Ohio State LEAD Program where we studied agriculture at local state, federal and international levels for sixty days over two years. It was a life changing experience and we will always be friends. The good news was the farmers of the group had a real good year and some their best year ever.
Did I learn anything? I sure did. I learned and reaffirmed that I have one of the best families and set of friends I could ever wish for.
I wanted a big sign in the frozen yard that reads See You Again Ten Years From Today.

I thank my dear wife for planning this all out and carrying it through. I couldn't do as good a job for her as she did for me but I would sure try.

This is usally a happy place but it has been a really happy place for 24 hours and now the silence is deafening but welcome.
Sure missed you guys who couldn't come. Mark that ten year deal on your calendars, LOL.

Sixty years, wow.



  1. Belated birthday blessings buckeye Winkle! (and many more!)

  2. That picture looks sideways on my computer...
    Oops! Had it turned sideways!
    Now the other picture looks wrong!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks Folks, thanks to every one of you!

    I need to learn scanning the right direction to post or go through those steps I don't understand.

    Nebraska, we wandered out to your area in August. It was great again. I sure would have shook your hand if that was possible.

    Budde, you have been a great help, thank you. I know where you live. Now if I could get there again? I think I would need some help getting to the boondocks of Oregon.