Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Sunday in '09

When the Pastor said welcome to the last Sunday of the year today, it hit me. Christmas is over and 2009 is too!

Most farmers are going to be glad 2009 is almost history but I think a few will miss it!

Ohio could well end up with a record corn and soybean crop. I saw more good fields this year than I ever saw in my life.

Now planting, spraying, harvesting and hauling was a different matter. It ended up to be a good problem here but many of my friends out west literally pulled their hair out.

Score another victory for Ma Nature! There are so many variables in our control as farmers but weather is the major one and we have no control. All we can control is how we plan and respond to her.

My soybean talk last year showed the disparing soybean yields of 07 and 08, 39 and 38 bushel nationwid, respectively and we could push 50 in Ohio for 2009. 50 bushels was common around here on a per acre basis. Corn yields, who knows, many records were set as the old ones fell away.

Now I do know that farmers are paying much more attention to their soybean yields when beans reach that magical $10 per bushel price which they stayed at most of the year.

I know that variety, fertility and weed control has improved our overall yields but the cool damp summer made it all the better.

This is what I am thinking about on the last Sunday of 2009.

Ed Winkle

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