Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Wonder

I wonder how people are fairing this holiday season?

With our 15% unemployment and reported 17% underemployment reported in southwest Ohio you really wonder.

People are tough and seem to survive, one way or the other.

We saw young families just shopping Christmas Eve and LuAnn said I bet they just got paid and couldn't shop until now. We saw little kids around their parents with big eyes and families loading their purchases.

I know that is not the true meaning of Christmas but it is what we are accustomed to in the states.

Churches were packed Christmas Eve and had pretty good crowds on Christmas Day. It was good to see all the stores and restaurants closed for once.

And how about the folks in the storm? I am sure glad we weren't flying, what a mess. NewAgTalk has some amazing snow pictures on it and stories of families "holed up" until the weather breaks.

NORAD kept track of Santa, nothing keeps him down since Rudolph came around!

The wind has howled here for three days straight but we got by with an inch or two of rain. Now the snow is all gone. I bet more will come though, it is not even January.

LuAnn has a nephew who adopted a family of three young children for Christmas, along with his sweet wife of course. It's an amazing story and I hope it has a great ending. We got to talk to them on the telephone yesterday. Their young lives has been changed for the good.

LuAnn and her mother and brothers experienced their first Christmas without Dad. They all seem to be handling it pretty well but you know it isn't easy.

My dad's been gone 9 years January 3, 2010 along with a lot of good friends and family. Time just keep rolling on.

People seem to keep on striving and living no matter the situation. You control it or it will control you.

That is much easier said than done.

All we can do is just keep helping one another the best we can. People really seem to be "stepping up to the plate" here.

To me, it's all about the little ones.



  1. Could you UPS me some of your extra snow. It is cold enough here for it to stick!

  2. No, it costs too much! The fields were all white and then it disappeared and now it is all white again.

    Typical SW Ohio winter.