Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wilmington College

I was asked to listen to the presentations of 6 teams of Wilmington College agriculture students this morning for Professor Tom Stilwell's Farm Management class.

Professor Stilwell asked a local farmer if his class could study his farm operation and make recommendations.

The presentations were all excellent!

Three presentations really stood out but all six were excellent, I would rate them all with a grade of A or B.

It was funny they were considering the same recommendations I am seeking and considering for our farm operation.
Corn versus soybeans

More notill soybeans

GMO vs. Non GMO crops

cover crops

more hired help

a sprayer

replacing tractor and combine

drying and storage facilities

All of the Power Point presentations were excellent but of course a few stood out. I started to notice some of the best family farmer names in Ohio amongst those students.
The one thing they didn't pick up on was more notill soybeans. The farmer is about 2/3 corn and 1/3 soybeans so he tills a lot of corn residue. That has worked for him but costs a lot of money to produce the income. One team recommended notill soybeans but not increasing his acres, I couldn't figure that one out.
The way the teams were spending money on machinery and bins you better have a big bank account! Granted those items are needed for more efficiency but only one team has a plan to phase them in.

I am amazed with the technology of the new generation but they really need our expertise and experience when it comes to management and I think they are receptive to it.

Ed Winkle

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  1. I met with Professor Stilwell this morning and it was hard to give each team a grade. They all did so well! My scores ranged from 82 to 98. Good job young people!