Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.

Every morning I try to tune into to listen to Father Corapi. That is his opening line.
Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.

I am a very trustworthy soul. I trust everone and get burned sometimes doing that. Some of my near ones are much smarter than I and not so trustworthy. I envy them somedays.

I am all wound up about farming, notill and cover crops after yesterday at Plain City. What a great group of farmers seeking the same thing, how to make money improving our God Given resources, soil, air and water.

When it comes to new technology like notill farming, cover crops, your new TV, fear is useless, what is needed is trust.

So many people are not trustworthy, it makes us vulnerables subject to them. That isn't right. I have to be burned a couple of times before I deem someone non trustworthy.

Lots of products and ideas were being "sold" yesterday and I am open to about anything. But some things work for me and others just do not.

For your gardners and landowners, I can tell you with no reservation you can trust me on cover crops. When that crop comes off, plant another crop. If you aren't wanting more food, plant a cover crop. I recommend the tillage radish. I used rye before I discovered the radish idea.

Lots of farmers asked me yesterday about the radish. I asked have you ever seen them grow? They all answered NO. I said get some seed and sow it before Sept 15 in our area. Those radish need about 60 days before 3 nights around 18 degrees to die. I think our garden and the Turning Point garden is really going to shine after this fall's sowing.
I was asked about my radish in wheat seedings. The first time it happened by accident, radish was still in the drill when I planted wheat. We got 12 more bu of wheat where there was a little radish mixed in. Then we tried it on purpose and 12 more bu of wheat again. The radish really helped the wheat aerate, tiller out and make bigger heads.
Fear is useless, what is needed is trust.


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