Friday, December 11, 2009

This Blogging Thing

The blogging thing has been a trip this year. All from one little dare from my wife a year ago.

Thanks Nebraska for the high five! Glad you enjoy the stories and ideas. I learn from others and have my whole life so giving some back is just natural to me.

I just read that UC head football coach Mike Kelly sold out to Notre Dame and won't even coach his team in the Sugar Bowl. What a let down for those kids. Will he turn out like Rodrigues at Michigan. That man had it made at WVU, took the big ten money and look where he is now.

Sad note for the Buckeyes Men's Basketball team, Evan Turner hit the floor the other night and broke his back. Evan was considered one of the best players in the nation. Injury is one thing but walking out on your team for money is a whole different thing.

Hyde posted on the Cafe about planning for retirement. I know that went sour for many of us, probably most of us last year but you have to have a plan. He is thirty something and has four boys and I know he must be scraping by like I did in my 30's. But my plan is still pretty intact and now I can enjoy it in later years.

Even the old stanby's like State Teachers Retirement lost one third of their portfolio last year. You can't make your pension or Social Security your only plan anymore, hasn't been that way in years.

I enjoyed the Blanchester FFA Breakfast yesterday but felt a little out of place. Some old acquaintances didn't even say Hi. "What does he think he is doing farming that much at his age?" is what I felt. I think five people shook my hand. No I am not farming 100 acres anymore. I got an opportunity and went for it.

Maybe that is what Brain Kelly is doing but shouldn't you work out a deal to finish the job you started? That is my plan with alternatives available when I can't or won't do that any longer.

Get yourself a Google or other account please and leave your comments like Nebraska did and Budde does. That's inspiration that keeps some of us going.



  1. Ed, Just had a very graphic dream about an employee loosing a finger to a razor blade tubing cutter. I'm thinking of trying the old farmer standard of getting up at 4 a.m. I did stop to look for the finger before taking him to the emergency room. That is when I realized it was a dream. I couldn't find the finger... I am still traumatized.
    I'm going to plant camolinia into frozen dirt. Goes in 1/4 inch, just perfect.
    I'm going to quit blogging. I got an award that i have to pass on and it is like a chain letter and I can't figure out how to post it and link it. I think I am going back to the typewriter.

  2. Give me a hint on the chain letter???

    I want to try phalacia or however it is spelled planted all over western Europe.

    No fingers or limbs are worth farming but it can happen so quickly.