Friday, December 4, 2009

Elf Mode

LuAnn is in Elf Mode. You should see it but you probably have somewhere.

Elf Mode is people who are so tied up in Christmas they just go head over heels in decorating.

I got back home from scouting and the whole house was different. Cleaning, new decorations, you get the picture.

The scouting trip was good. The wheat and barley looks good though it is planted a little late from where I would want it. Still, it looks good.

The farm fields look so good in the 30 mile trip. Heavy corn fodder, good soybean residue, new wheat and a few barley plantings.

We had a good year. Even more enthusiasm for Elf Mode.

I stopped at John Deere and got a backhoe for one of the grandsons. 1/32 scale mind you, not the full sized model.

I picked up her laptop at work because her computer died. Blue screen of death. I warned her but she has to get there to fully appreciate my so-called wisdom.

Mr. Computer Tech, where are you after I called you last week?

I need to get into Elf Mode, lots to buy yet for my favorites. I have been in farm management mode since harvest and now into Presentation Mode. I hope Tuesday comes out OK, have even dreamed about it. How can I convince the audience on the need for balanced fertility, let alone for a cover crop, so the next crop comes out better than expected?

That is what I am thinking.

What are you thinking?

Your comments have been few lately.

Is anyone listening or am I speaking to a Black Hole???


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  1. Elf has slowed down a little! That Sable did get into two packages left on the porch yesterday while I was gone! Got to talk to the delivery people...