Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Day

It looks like a typical December day in southwest Ohio.

Temperature is in the 20's, cloudy, harvested cornstalks out the office window.

Busy with farm management, marketing, taxes, planning 2010 etc. Lots of good college games on today, wish the Crimson Tide could upset Tebow and company but that is just me. I like to see number two beat number one, unless it is the Buckeyes of course!

The Elf was very tired last night but laughed out loud when she saw my elf family picture. I couldn't find a good elf picture, anyone got a better one?

I have seen better ones at Grant's farm when I visited or dressed as Santa. My deep voice tends to run some little ones away! I developed quite a voice over the years trying to keep my students in line!

Matt got his Ohio apples in, peanut brittle and Barbeque Sauce. His Florida citrus comes in tomorrow. He and Danny and Jason will take Danny's forklift and pull the pallets off the semi fresh from Florida into the cool shop so the students can start making deliveries tomorrow. It makes perfect sense to an old teacher who unloaded many a semi over the years. Amazing what FFA and other non profits will do for fund raisers.

We started selling Florida citrus my first year of teaching in 1971 so Ohio FFA is close to 40 years of selling it for fundraising activities. You wouldn't beleive all the things that profit buys for youth and other nonprofits.

LuAnn is having an open house for my 60th birthday on December 19th, 1-4 pm. You are all invited! We need to get invitations out today but you read it first on HyMark High Spots!

The best thing Matt said was he couldn't come because he would be with his Parliamentary Procedure team in Columbus that day for the state finals! They won District 9 Thursday night at Western Brown. I said tell those young people to win one for me!
Now if I can psyched for the Ohio NoTill Conference in Plain City Tuesday. Hope to see some of you there!
Ed Winkle


  1. That is what it is like in Oregon also. I didn't pick up all the windfalls of cider apples in the fencerows. No cider for us this year....
    I think I am lazy...

  2. No good lazy farmer, LOL. Just trying to keep the fires going here...