Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

This blog is one year old! And they said it couldn't be done, HA!

A nice fellow from Connecticut wrote:

" I became aware of your HyMark High Spots blog 'site on December 22 when I clicked on the link included in your Legacy Page comment in Portland (Maine) Press Herald re the obituary of 15-year old Eben Quimby of Albion, Maine. I am curious about how you came by it. Do you read the Maine newspapers as I do every day?

Also, after romping over your extensive and well-crafted blog site today I'm wondering how do you do it? Why... it would take me all day, and then some, to duplicate your efforts!"

You comments and email are encouraging. But when I don't make sense, tell me. That one yesterday about the clock ticking and me trying to make it tick faster, it just didn't flow for me.

When you write some, go away, come back you can lose your ebb and flow. I think that is what I did. Tell me when I do that. Some days the whole article just flows out like water. Other days, it is drip, drip, drip.

Anyway, we made it one year. Today is a brand new day in a brand new year. LuAnn asked me what my goals for 2010 was last night and caught me off guard. I have so many I was speechless so I guess I better get them on paper and start refining them.

My goals are all about being a better person, being a better farmer and helping every soul I can help. Faith, Husband, health, sharing, dad, grandpa would be keywords.

We had just dozed off in our winter's nap when I thought I heard rapping on the door. I thought oh no, someone ran off the road and needs pulled out. Then I heard more rapping. I finally realized it was midnight and the all neighbors were firing their weapons. Their must be some real firepower around here! That's a subject for a whole other blog.

Today we give thanks and will enjoy the day with the family around food and the Buckeye game.

And be glad we made it one(more) year.



  1. Ed

    Congratulations on the first anniversary on your blog. You are to be commended for your effort both here and on New Ag Talk. I certainly value your comments.

    Ron Swanson

  2. Thanks Swanson. I posted this reply once but got booted off, country DSL. Going to look at Time Warner Road Runner this week. Look up Verizon Pathetic, it sure is.

    People like you make me just keep typing. I love to farm and I love to teach. You know how much I love family.