Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weather Records

This is on a local TV station today:

Place: Washta, IAYear: 1912
Event: Minus 47 degrees -- all-time low for state.

Where in the world is Washta, Iowa?

Hey, I have a friend there! NoTill Tom on AgTalk! Washta is in Cherokee County near Cherokee, Galva, Storm Lake and Holstein. Yes there is a town with the same name as the number one breed of dairy cow. Eat more chickin!

A neat view of Iowa is one of my favorite youtubes, where in Iowa is Jeff? His sequel is a tribute to the big floods last year.

Place: TexasYear: 1962
Event: Only 19 degrees at Brownsville; $17 million loss in fruit trees across South Texas. I think that one even reduced the citrus production from South Texas permanently. Too many lost everything they had.

I vaguely remember the winter of 62, I was 12. Floods of 63 wiped out dad's corn crop.

LuAnn and I headed for Brownsville one winter and the coast had a terrific storm so we turned around and headed north.

Lots of people have had bad weather this winter, probably some new records set like the above.

Everyone here is anticipating the 40 degree weather in two days!


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