Monday, January 25, 2010

Haitian Relief

I imagine most of us watched the Haitian Relief effort the past two weeks. It is nothing short of amazing but still seemed to fall so short.

Only 124 rescued and 111,000 buried so far?

We got to help a little bit with money and supplies. The Miami Diocese sent a courier with cash to the parish as cash rules in these troubled environments.

Royal Carribean has worked with Haiti for 30 years. I talked to some officials who confirmed this as they depend on that labor force and they are not afraid to give back in time of need.

This surely was a time of need. Our ship hauled 400 pallets of supplies to Labadee to be transported to Port Au Prince. We saw the UN trucks leaving with supplies Friday. Special collections were taken in our Marketing Group and the ship. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised on our cruise.

We all felt a little guilty stopping in Labadee but after what I participated in I have no guilt. Anderson Cooper, you don't know what you are talking about. You walk around dead bodies and don't help them? Hippocrit. I know you are a reporter but the neatest story I saw was when the Australian TV crew dropped the cameras and dug a baby girl out of the rubble. They said to heck with the story and made a better one helping these people.

The CNN media got on my nerves by the end of the week, you can well tell. To portray cruise ships as fat and lazy was wrong because the media did little more. Hippocrit. I saw the good we did, I can't see the good CNN did but raise money in their liberal media agenda.

My thoughts are it was a tragedy. There will be more as long as there is life. We have to make the most of life to get through these struggles. Every day I see the best in people and the worst. I like that better side and it is dangerous to hang around in that worst side.

This part of the trip was very eye opening and good for all who would observe.

I don't see how you could help but observe.

I've got some good pictures if I can get them downloaded to the computer and uploaded to the server.

By the way, Royal Caribbean donated every nickle made Friday to Haitian Relief.



  1. Anderson Cooper is a moron. Wears his stupid fancy suit and that is about it. Cruise ships bring in a lot of money and I really see no reason why they should stop supporting a community is a time of need. As you said, they brought supplies along and were actually helping in the relief effort. Anderson Cooper did what exactly?

  2. You are right. I saw it in action. The only TV team I saw worth a darn was that Australian team who rescued that baby girl, that was a miracle on the camera.

    Super Duper Cooper is a big Pooper!