Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Ed on This ship?

Budd E. Shepherd comments...
The chattering classes are busy with the latest imagined offense against the struggling people in Haiti.
A CRUISE SHIP will dock at at private beach!
Although there was a mention that the cruise ship did carry relief supplies several passengers said they wanted to stay on board and suffer. They just couldn't be happy sitting in the sun and chugging umbrella drinks while people were rioting and missreading expiration dates on food packages, er, I mean suffering in Haiti.
(Ok, I can make snide remarks we donated money the first day...)
I just hope that Ed is on that ship. He will have them building up their soil pH and no-tilling in no time. Probably spark a whole new food growing revolution in Haiti.

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  1. Yes we were on that ship!

    I can see why people would feel that way but after my story, you can see my view above.

    On the notill, Haiti is stripped of trees and soil is gone. Dominican Republica has trees and soil, yes notil is key!

    Haiti had morer supplies and help than the dead could handle that day. All we could do was get on our knees and dig in our pockets.

    We will get more chances for change every day.