Thursday, January 28, 2010


"What kind of stuff are we going to do today, Pa? Well we have hay to mow, corn to cultivate and those calves really need to be weaned from their mama's. "

Sometimes I would call dad Pa like the story books and what became the Walton's on TV.

I was thinking what I have to do today and that old memory just popped into my head. Dad always had stuff to do and I guess I do too.

Pay Bills
Order fertilizer
Work on presentations
Finish IRS taxes, not allowed to work on that, LOL

Along as you are breathing there, is stuff to do, isn't there? Always someone with a hand out too, I see at least one each day.

Now dad always liked the critters because in his day you couldn't go to the store and get all your protein needs. I fell in love with crop critters because they don't require daily attention. Maybe I am the Lazy Farmer.

I see the Lazy Farmer went after Cooper Anderson, better known as Anderson Cooper. I called him Cooper Anderson one day and LuAnn asked who in the world are you talking about? You know, that gray haired stud on CNN. So now he is Cooper Anderson, probably a made up name anyhow? He sure has maxxed that name out but watch awhile and oh what folly.

These talking heads, oh my. I remember Brynn at the play her sister was in last year with a scary dog figure and grandma told her, don't be scared, he's nothing but a talking dog! So
Brynn started saying, he is nothing but a talking dog! The whole crowd in our area cracked up.

I like real people. Now there is how you get stuff done

Real people don't have time for talking dogs.


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