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Brenda Steinlage just posted a beautiful piece on her son's CarePage.

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Its hard to believe that 2010 is here, it has went so fast!! I think there are moments in life and certain things that happen in your life that define a person. I feel that 2009 was a year that defined our family and myself. Everybody is always saying that we are so strong and how we have a attitude like we have, and how do we do it. A year ago I was one of those people and nobody knows how they will be when they are put in a situation. I found out you just react and its not about me its so much more.

I give alot of my credit to my parents on how I have dealt with Rolan having this nasty disease. When I was 17 I lost a brother in a tractor accident, (he was 18) and the way mom and dad got us through that period in our life taught me that you can't hide, you have to be strong for the kids. My kids are what keep me going, (I think Loran will say the same). They are the ones leading the way and are giving us the power to live each day!! We decided early on that we weren't going to let this hinder us in moving forward and as hard as it is at times that is what we are striving for.

Now the mom side of me and watching my child deal with this does get the best of me at times. There are many times when I do question what I am suppose to be learning from this and why is it I have to learn what I am suppose to learn from Rolan. To me its not fair no kid should have to go through this. But yet he and other kids that I have seen go through an illness is some of the strongest people that I know. Maybe this is my lesson showing how strong our kids really are. Who knows I am sure someday it will be clear to me. So many of the kids that Rolan has meant down in IA City and started treatments around the same time are through their treatments and are in remission. I can't wait until that happens for Rolan. The aggressive part of the brain tumor scares me because nobodys seems to know what that means. Again I think Rolan is beating it this time, its just I hope the aggressive part of the tumor doesn't play a factor and we have to start another regiman of treatments.

I don't want to be negative, but reality is still lurking out there and it scares me. I know we will deal with it if we have too it its just hard to think about. I am hoping the end of 2010 finishes out better since the end of 2008 and 2009 weren't so hot. Loosing my aunt the week of christmas of 2008 to lukemia and living on the edge of our seats to get through the holidays without Rolan being in the hospital at the end of 2009.

We thank each and everyone of you for all of your prayers and support!! There are times thoughout the last year that YOU are the ones that pulled us through.

Give your love ones a kiss and tell them that you love them.( I just did that Brenda, thanks)

Love and Prayers


Talk about unfair, we have another friend Gary who was in prison twenty years for a crime he never committed, the new DNA tests set him free and he comes down with cancer. Talk about unfair!

But he studied the Bible in prison and started a wonderful prison ministry and had just become a great and powerful speaker, now he is an invalid.

You and I are here for a speck of time in the universe, a blink of the eye, it's that Eternity thing I am preparing for!

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year, and on this page you know that means more than money!

Ed Winkle

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  1. Brenda, God Bless you and your family ALWAYS...