Wednesday, January 20, 2010

St Maarten

We are in St. Maarten on the Celebrity Soltice for the Roach Ag Marketing Tour.

I learned I should have sold more grain before last Tuesdays big market adjustment. Oh well, that is farming for you. At least I sold what I have without planting a seed yet.

Thanks Budde for posting, keep this page going please, I will log in when I can. I found an Internet Cafe near the dock just now. $8 sure beats $100 on the ship.

San Juan was beautiful yesterday. We had a good time. So much history and so much to see Ponce De Leon is buried in the big Catholic Chapel in old San Juan on Del Castro street.

Today we had a taxi driver take us all over St Maaten, 1/3 Dutch, 2/3 French but most of the 95,000 inhabitants live on the Dutch side where the port is.

We just left the butterfly farm so expect to see some pictures of butterflies on this blog in the future. It is cloudy today so they aren't flying as much which is even better for picture taking.

The food in the cafes is better on Celebrity but the specialty restaurants are better on Norwegian Cruise lines. We have a a very nice suite close to an elevator, 200 square feet with a large balcony. We can be anywhere on the ship in no time.

It was interesting to learn about the Massachusetts Senate results this morning.. I guess I am not too surprised but a little.

Sure is nice in the French West Indies. I can also see why San Juan is called the Capitol of the Carribean.

More later, keep posting Budde. Curious what you are planting this year. Looks like a little more corn our way with this big South American bean crop coming. Many here are thinking more like $8 beans instead of the $10 we had last year. Corn looks fairly stable, too much wheat on stock but useage is up and acreage is down.

Have a good one everyone.

Ed Winkle

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