Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sky is Falling!

The local TV news just interviewed the superintendent of Ohio's 7th largest school district. Not a flake is falling but they closed school for the day. Ohio gets five "calamity days" which used to be called snow days because that is about the only event that closed school.

Now they close at a whimper of any trouble. The newsgal asked the superintendent why they closed school with no school and he said because of the threat of liability.

He said this is not like when we were kids, 2 inches wouldn't close school. Now the threat of snow closes school!

Liability. What a huge issue in this country now. That goes back to my saying of too many laws, too many lawyers and NO common sense.

Now some fool could be texting while driving, eating, fixing their hair and the thought they might hit a schoolbus or the too many parents who tote their children to school everyday calls off school.

No wonder we are underemployed!

My goodness gracious sakes alive grandma would say. Such stupidity!

We need to haul grain, lots of grain. Yet that same liability issue might keep us off the roads, let alone frozen bins, frozen equipment and the other headaches that go along with it.

Two grain buyers called yesterday wanting corn and wheat. That is unusual. What is up with that? Is the supply that unstable or the demand that high? Or both?

I don't know, I just don't know. I have my opinions but you usually read them here first.

Closing school with no snow or not sending a truck out on the road is a whole new issue these days. We carry enough liability insurance you would think that would keep us running but just the threat of a problem and we back off our job of teaching students or hauling grain to the market.

I just don't get it. I am showing my age again, I guess.

Things sure have changed since my childhood!



  1. Aint it funny.... You realize that those folks you see in the films of the protest events of the 1960s. Those kids who bought Nike's cause of the Just Do it Slogan, those wild daredevils who had no sense at all when you were a kid....
    They run everything now.
    More and more laws and more and more stupidity.

  2. Everything was pretty much shut down today here, much less traffic, Martinsville Mall was busy, LOL. But yesterday was really no problem! The January heat bills will be up though...

    The farmers and their kids should be running it but that isn't going to happen.

    We are too busy making a living to pay for their waste!

    How do you like "them apples???"