Monday, January 18, 2010

Food for Thought

Hello fans of Ed Winkle. I am doing a couple guest spots for Ed while he is on his cruise. As a Lazy Farmer, I really never make enough money to go on a cruise. I suppose if I ever did I would be much to lazy to ever get around to signing up for a cruise. My wife is not lazy. She works very hard. She does not understand why sometimes I accidently call her "Mirandy," but then I suppose The Song of The Lazy Farmer is no longer widely read.
I would like to call Ed's readers to today's post at They are a small farm and are trying to make it selling good quality food. They want to make and sell or trade organic milk and cheese. They have run into a wall of regulations.
Then I would like you to read this report which comes from stories produced by the Northwestern University graduate journalism students it is called, "All you can eat in tainted food from China," by Lean Nylen and Greg Presto. It is from 2007.
While China is not supplying the majority of our agricultural products, they are the major importer and they are continually increasing their market share. It appeared to me that most of these Chinese imports could be replaced with US grown products without affecting prices to any degree. Now that is food for thought...

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