Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilts Again

This Quilt Barn thing is ramping up again in preparation of the Bicennential Open House June 12,-13. We just got the letter from the committee and realized we are the only farm without a designated non-profit to provide food and drink, displays, or something for the 200 year history of the county.
See, I always have myself in almost near trouble by trying to do all the things I want to get done. No wonder I liked that cruise so much. No one could find me and I couldn't do anything about it if they did.

Lots of details to work out for the tour. Some food and drink and displays we can come up with. Immeadiately we thought of the Newman's spinning and weaving, the Lavender Farm and Donna's art work, all close neighbors. Now, working out those details and satisfying the wants of the committee is another thing.

We could use the local churches, Lion's Club, FFA Chapters for our non-profit sponsor but we would have plans pretty well worked out except for food and drink our non profit could offer.
It would be so cool to have a pair of Percheron's like Grandpa's plowing, disking and planting corn. Wheat harvest would be a few weeks off yet but you get the concept. There goes my wild ideas that get me in trouble. But Lavender, weaving and artisitic painting is right down the road you might say, so that makes more sense.

I have no idea how this will come out, but we will do our best and I will try to keep you informed.

This barn project turned out too nicely to not get it to the public.

Ed Winkle

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