Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The weather guru's are calling for more snow. It feels like it to me. After 60 years of observation you just get a feel for it.

They are calling for up to eight inches of the white stuff here which would pretty much shut us down. We have grain to move on "Jan" contracts. I wonder if I can make it to my speaking engagements next week? I warned them right up front that this kind of weather could prevent me getting to those remote places.

This feels like the 50's when I was a child and dad was splitting wood behind the house. I helped what little I could, mainly carrying small pieces, I was not big enough to swing an axe. Dad would pick a pile of wood in his arm after years of heating the house and harvesting corn by hand.

We always liked to help dad. He was always kidding around or telling stories to make the job go quicker. He was kind of mechanized but always in the stone ages as far as I was concerned at that time. You know you are always smarter than your dad when you are young. I know now he wasn't behind times, he just adapted as he could justify it.

So snow will slow things down to the fifties when things always went slower and more methodically. It will have an impact on us all, we just have to adjust.

I am glad I am not that guy trying to get on a plane while talking on a cell phone although next week I could well be him.

I really need to stay focused on the books and my presentations. That is where my money is regardless of the weather. These higher fuel prices will spike the grain markets until that South American crop comes in. Probably. Maybe. Who knows?

This is pretty much the type of winter I expected after last year, topsy turvy.

Our ability to respond to it will make all the difference in our attitude and our magnitude.

You have a good day now, you hear me?



  1. darn that man-made climate change!

  2. Yes, but man won't agree. Some say they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who can't raise their own food? I am sure we made a dent but I have no idea how large it is, regardless the extent compared to cycles. You think that if we burned all this carbon, it would have an impact? There could have been much more before man. Who knows???

    The big thing is we all have to deal with it financially, emotionally and spiritually. The physical part is hard until you think about man living in a cave.