Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Week

We enjoyed a fantastic week working with the John Roach Cruising the Markets tour in the Carribean. We met another great group of American Farmers.

The worst part of the trip is it looks like we are have passed the highs of the grain markets this year. I know they will be tested but I don't see how then can be broken. Good prices and more profit are keys to any business, grain farming especially.

This may sound silly to you since we don't even have all the seed and supplies in yet to plant this year's crop.

Trip wise, it was just picture perfect weather, not too hot, not too cool, and plenty of sunshine.

I must admit it was hard to come home today because I am usually ready to come home.

Things seem to be in place. About that time though, everything becomes unglued so not bragging at all.

We just had a great week. New friends, new material, more learning, it all was good.

Our plane was vectored all around CVG but we still landed under advertized time. We could have made it 30 minutes earlier easily. I am glad I don't use that transportation for my living.

Budde, the Lazy Farmer has been busy. I liked those articles you wrote. You and my readers are asked to help again Feb 5 through Feb. 27. If I can't get an article up before midnight Pacific Standard Time, please write something, anything, it can always be changed but my goal is to have a blog each and every day.

One farmer came up to me on the cruise and asked me are you the Ed Winkle who writes on Crop Talk and your own blog? I said yes. He said I read every word you write, keep writing.

I've got more stories to share as soon as I can write them.


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  1. The phone was busy today, keep commenting and asking questions!