Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Parish Kitchen

WKRC did a nice story on the Parish Kitchen in Covington. The Parish Kitchen has been open daily at noon for 35 years.

They showed and interviewed the homeless people to the fixed income people who need a hot meal. Of course their need has increased and they feed 1500 people per day now.

The pictures were taken six blocks away from each other, the have's and the have nots.

Covington is a pretty little town right across the river from Cincinnati. Homeless live on the banks of the Ohio. You wonder why?

"Molly Navin, Director: "That they could dress up, clean up and sober up and get a job, and that's a myth... they can't. They're stuck in a system that doesn't work, we're talking mental illness, chemical dependency, a lot of things that would be extremely difficult for folks to overcome."

How many times have you said if only they would.... they should get a job.... they shouldn't live like that....

They can't. They really can't. This part of the population has been here forever and it increases with the population no matter how many great programs you have.

Some are just "born in squander" like mother said and will never get out. I like the Kitchens sincere help to their local citizens. 35 years, can you imagine that? Some are called to do that when any of us could.

Your Father's Kitchen in Wilmington has a long way to go to match 35 years. I hope we don't need them that long but that will never happen now. It has been shocking to see our farm county's need for a homeless shelter and a soup kitchen. This county has been hurt pretty hard by our economy.

I planted way too much sweet corn the year we moved here and I ended up giving the excess to a local charity, HOPE Emergency, who is feeding hundreds of people per week. Many farmers are giving away their excess crop.

I heard the coyotes howling last night and thought wow I wonder how they survive through this? Then I thought of the homeless and really wondered. It's 10 degrees and your hand sticks to the doorknob.

These little kitchens keep them going one more day...


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