Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Karen Grainger

Karen Grainger grew up in Toronto, Canada surrounded by music. By the age of six, Karen made her television debut with an appearance on a youngster’s talent show singing “Delta Dawn,” accompanied by her dad’s guitar playing. Never quite able to get the entertainment bug out of her system, she was involved in music theatre and community drama groups throughout her high school years.

After much coaxing from a friend who persuaded her to audition for a gig at Canada’s Wonderland, Karen was delighted to land a role in the Country Show. The next year she was back at it again in Concert ’87. That same year, Karen joined a Toronto based vocal quartet. As the opening act for a Legends of Rock and Roll Show, all members agreed that Karen should sing lead on Reba McEntire’s “Why Haven’t I Heard From You?” The rest, as they say, is history.

Karen has enjoyed a very successful impersonating career as not only Reba, but Celine Dion and Cher as well. Karen’s “Divas Live” one woman tribute show will leave you wanting more. Audiences are spellbound by Karen’s skill at recreating these diverse characters, capturing their voices as well as their mannerisms. Karen’s portrayals have been earning her standing ovations from Bally’s in Atlantic City to Canada’s premier Casino in Windsor and from Japan to a U.S. Naval base on the Indian Ocean!

It was time to sink her teeth into something more challenging. Several years ago, Karen teamed up with comedy writer Larry Horowitz among others (Don Grainger – Karen’s husband turns out to be quite the comedy writer!) to create an amazing comic impression show called, “All In One!” Karen’s unique talents and versatility will not go unnoticed in this Entertainment Experience.

Karen uses a variety of props to create a hilarious visual and vocal illusion. The audience will be treated to such musical “Guests” as Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Shania Twain and Britney Spears…not to mention the men…Aaron Neville, Joe Cocker, Michael Bolton and Michael McDonald…to name a few!

“Divas Live” and “All in One” are two very unique and original shows. Without a doubt, whichever show Karen Grainger performs, you will know you have seen a truly outstanding entertainer.

We met Karen on the cruise. That lady is a hoot. The voices she can do is amazing.

Best thing though she is a real down to earth person and not haughty at all.

She does this one skit where she picks three people out of the audience and has them open their mouth every time she bops them on the head. She did this to Queen, we are the champions and the audience laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. I fell off the stool I was sitting on. It was better than The Three Stooges and the Chipmunks.

OK, I am old, it doesn't take much to entertain me anymore, laugh out loud.

Ed Winkle

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