Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Winkle Christmas

We had our little Winkle Christmas yesterday. The date worked out well since the kids were all off work and we could get together in peace.

You know we added three new family members this year. Those babies even had a good time. No crying, just in wonder with their older cousins.

We all enjoyed the Roast Beast, that is Prime Rib for you not knowing the family code names.

The children all waited while we opened gifts from the youngest, Caoilin, to the oldest, me. They were so polite and just enthralled. That made grandpa and grandma very proud of the whole family. Everyone is employed and doing well in a rough economy where others are struggling.

Our education is paying off. Everyone has a Bachelor's Degree and a few have a Master's Degree or working on it or have the ability to further their studies.

The three oldest cousins had their own dinner table, boy did they have fun!

Liam runs in and crashes on the couch. Those girls are after me, I am going to take a break on the couch! He says Brynn is coo coo nuts, but Madison says he called me an Angel! You can see the babies are watching and just growing to get into the fray next Christmas.

I bought a bag of Russet potatoes at KMart the other day for $2. What tasty mashed potatoes they made to go with the roast beast for the group of 13! Pumpkin bread is gone, applesauce from A&M farms is gone, beast is gone, potatoes gone, a little Jello, home grown corn, and fruit and veggie trays left. They will be gone today.

Everyone agreed it made a great day to enjoy the football games and even the Buckeye's won! Kevin couldn't leave the big screen TV, neighther could I. Sable was very well behaved, she is not the puppy she was a year ago. The grandkids aren't either and won't be next year.

I think we have a pretty good thing going here but we all work on it every minute of every day. Those little sacrifices produce great rewards.

I hope yours do, too.


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  1. It's not all about me, it's all about US. The more you share and teach, the more you gain...