Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to dry out your cell phone

Still no Ed Winkle.

I don't have that much to say. I could tell you about how I killed my 71 International truck, found a new engine, put it in, then how the auxiliary transmission locked up went I backed the truck out of the shop-but that is a depressing story. Although I did find another transmission today, so all is not lost.

No, today will be an informative post. One which we have all needed I'm sure.

How to dry out your cell phone.

First of all don't get it wet. I really have no idea how I managed to so silly as to drop it in the bathtub. I had it setting one the edge of the tub when I took off my pants. This was a pretty stupid place to put it. It just bounced right in.

First I removed the battery.

Then I said, "oh fiddle!' That helped quite a bit.

I figured it was dead anyway and why not just go ahead and enjoy a nice bath while the water is still hot. So I did.

What I should have done next was to use the vacuum cleaner on it. You should suck out all the water right away. Using heat can damage the electronic circuitry.

Instead I finished my bath and then wiped it down real well with paper towels. Then i stuck it in a jar of rice. That desiccant stuff that comes with cell phones and electronic stuff also works. But, I don't really save the stuff one pack at a time. I know it says do not eat of the package and so it somehow worries me that someone actually will eat it, so I throw it away.

Anyway, the rice will absorb the water and it is better than standing around for an hour with a blow dryer.

The next morning pulled the phone out of the rice. I put the battery back in the phone and pushed the "on" button.

The little chimes sounded and there was my phone, as good as new.

Another little success story...
If you drop your phone in water. Take the battery out right away. Suck the water out of it with a shop vac. Then stick the phone into a bag of rice and leave it overnight. There you go.

Ed and The Lazy Farmer


  1. Thanks again for your help. Sorry about your cell phone.

    It seems to me that the key is since you have a small body of water you grab it out as fast as you see it drop. Seconds let water into the delicate electronics, dropped one in the creek once off the 4 wheeler.

    Farmers probably ought to buy the cell phone insurance for loss or damage, laugh out loud.

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