Friday, January 29, 2010


One of my friends just sent me a picture of his dog, Maxamillion. That is one beautiful dog. Sable is on the left and she isn't too shabby either.

I don't think I would want to be found messing around on my friend's farm when Max found you. You could be missing important parts in a hurry.

I wonder how Sable would take to him, she loves other animals, especially her own breed. That day she chased the dogs where we went 4 wheeling was a hoot, we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt.

He looks a lot like Sable's dad, Fausinlauf, old German breeding. Those dogs are such companions, they aren't happy if you are not in sight. Decades of inbreeding I guess, she will circle any car, truck or animal like she is herding them.
Sable stayed with LuAnn's K9 Officer friend last week, she is really settling down and getting her adult personality but she has to be right on my heel no matter what I do. When someone stops by and I don't hear them her bark even scares me for a moment.
I wouldn't want that dog hanging off my body and she has a death grip. 80 lbs of sheer muscle. I would guess Max around 100 lbs, maybe 110.
I tell everyone just to ignore her, talk to me and let her sniff you out. Some people just won't do that and she does not like it. We talk for a couple of minutes and she just goes about her business of watching the farm.
Randy fed her a little harder than I have and she bulked up. She hit me in the back with a love tap yesterday and almost knocked me down. I wouldn't want Max giving me a love tap.
Sable is building that reputation that will be talked about for generations, you don't see dogs like her every day. It is obvious Max is in that category too.


  1. Nice looking dogs! We always had mutts on the farm, but they always let us know when someone was around. A couple were ALMOST pure-bred. Only one ever bit anyone, and if I'd have been a dog, I'd have bit THAT guy myself! We have a pure-bred dachshund for an indoor pet now, since we're hardly ever outdoors (unless we're in town). It's a dispicable lifestyle, but at least I still have a dog.

  2. Ha, know what you mean. These two are both a little intimadating but a crossbred can bite has hard as a purebred! Such loyalty is bred into this dog, I know she would give her life for me.

  3. Bet her and Stanley would have a good time! He seems to make friends with every young dog who comes to the farm. Soon they are out of the truck and playing tag. When they get back in the truck then there is a lot of barking and posturing!

  4. I won't allow her to bark in the truck, hurts my ears but posturing, you bet!

    Sable just loves this farm, we call her the dog who won the dog lottery, LOL.

    Her and Stanley? Who knows.

    Why did you name him Stanley?