Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I really think this world is going nuts! I read the news and cannot believe what I read!

I never wanted to see my children and grandchildren go through this!

I talk to farmers all over the world and we are all going through this. It is so stressful.

I saw a grain truck upset in another accident yesterday on the way home. I felt for the farmer involved. His beautiful grain laying all over the place and people nearly killed who hit him.

I think we are all moving too fast.

Arson, murder, drugs all over the news.

I wanted to be at Steve Groff's notill cover crop field today. Just could not get there.

Dave Brandt just called and told me Ohio is changing their philosophy to more notill and cover crop, just like I learned many years ago. I said that is great news David!

Les rolled out many big truckloads of beautiful corn yesterday.

We can work through this if we just work together!



  1. Have been thinking the same thing. My grandparents said there would be times like this. They lived through WW1 the depression WW II, my grandmother's uncle was killed in the civil war, her childhood best friend died of diptheria (sp?)
    I guess they knew what they were talking about...

  2. Yes, we are going through it now too!