Saturday, October 24, 2009


Boy that last blog got me in trouble! I had calls from across the nation.

Tim in Wisconsin knows me pretty well and said Ed, I can see you are depressed. Some of my friends can read my words and tell what state I am in!

I am manic depressive, thank you mom and grandma, but yes I know that. Now how do we deal with it? I plan to get a brain scan at the Lindner Center of Hope and try and figure this out.

I am willing to try any therapy they think works but I am not looking for the next big thing.

I am very sensitive to drugs so I won't take everything they prescribe unless they convince me it works. Then I try it and see what it does my body. I ask lots of questions.

I just get too happy and too sad, my whole life.

Basically I am very happy and you can read it in all my blogs. When I get too sad, I cannot write. I will just be staring in the living room and LuAnn walks in and there is a commercial on depression selling some drugs! Yes depression hurts, just help us!

It is alot the aging process and why this country has the health insurance discussion.

I don't care what they do, just treat me right. I busted my tail for umpteen years for all of us!

One farmer called and said Ed I am in the same boat. He said you have become the wise old owl of the FFA we need. I was astounded.

My whole personality has changed the last year.

I suppose that is aging?


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