Monday, October 12, 2009

Dad's Family

We spent the day yesterday with dad's family. It was good.

My oldest cousin had a surprise birthday party for her husband and just about all of the remaining family was there. It is so hard to get family together.

My wife noticed we act like siblings instead of cousins when we take pictures and talk to each other. I thought that was interesting. I never really noticed that before.

Out of nine children in dad's family there were only 10 grandchildren. Dad had three and there is only 7 more from 8 brothers and sisters. Dad was the one who took over the family farm when I was born. Three sisters never had children.

My uncle came down from Columbus with my youngest cousin who has became close after all these years we were separated by work and distance. We went by the family farm where he was raised and of course we talked all the way and learned from him family stories and history of the family and that farm that has been in our control for almost 100 years. That is pretty good for tenant farmers.

I have humble pride in my family name. Winkle means "shop" from Germany and Holland. I guess I am trying to keep the "shop" open for family and business.

It is amazing how families transition from hundreds of years ago and some keep the name alive. My cousins are always interested in how got from there to here.

That is the fabric of life that keeps family together or separates them.

Is your family still together?

Ed Winkle

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