Friday, October 23, 2009

Settle Down

Just settle down Ed, just settle down. I have to remind myself every day.

I just got the best email from next door neighbor to keep this up, they are reading my posts, by golly! My English teachers are proud again.

My purpose for being here on this blog is because LuAnn saw my potential and dared me to do it!

Easy me, I am doing it!

I saw where Grandpa was serving the community and made a living farming. I saw how much he taught dear old Dad and passed it on to me.

As a society, we must pass it on. The good things, not the bad things which are hard to avoid.

I just want to be the best person I can be. And to that, I must be good to my neighbors and they will help me in time of need. I must say Martinsville has been really good to me. I just seem to fit in here.

This blog has been enlightening to me and many people. LuAnn said, start your own blog Ed. So I started it for my New Year's party, dedication.

Someone told me you keep writing better and better. I replied, I am in a good spot! Show me the next spot!

I am not going to be here forever, nor you, where is the next good spot!

Ed Winkle

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