Monday, October 5, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

Sable and I enjoyed a beautiful fall day today.

LuAnn is doing well on her training of Sable.

It is like I have to learn to be her trusted owner, dog training is so time consuming.

No wonder so many let dogs rule the roost.

The combines were running hard today in this region, I hope we can again tomorrow.

So little time left for planting cereal grains and cover crops.

Farmers are over their eyebrows right not.

I need my ghost writers to come forth, not enough time for me to do this right.

I like blogging to share ideas but I have other things to do right now!

I saw that picture of snow in Oregon on NewAgTalk. We were just there a month ago!

Buddeshepperd, need your help right now, the wife and I are covered.

Neighbor Ralph, someone come forth and keep this little blog going!


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