Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bittersweet Harvest

This has been a bittersweet harvest so far. I hope it changes but I don't see it coming.

Farmers are doing everything in their power to get their good crop out of the field now. The lower input shaft broke this afternoon in heavy corn. It rained off and on all day so the fodder got really heavy.

The moisture is high enough that the farmer takes a big hit on drying it or paying the elevator to do it. The yield is good if we can get it out, the moisture isn't because of this crazy weather.

I am sure we will all talk about this year for years to come.

It felt like snow all day. I saw Stanley's pictures on NewAgTalk of snow in Cherokee County, Iowa. It made me shudder because we aren't far off from that. We were just through there a month ago.

I expect low acres of cereal grains in this region because you can't get out what you have, let alone a new crop. All my talks about cover crops seem frivilous right now because of this weather.
Oh I guess it will all work out. It always does whether we decide to participate or not.
Every day seeks a record in farming.

Record good, record bad. I prefer the record good.

We all want normal but it just doesn't exist. An average is simply the high minus the low divided by two.
What is normal these days?

Ed Winkle

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