Saturday, October 10, 2009

Moving Day

Anyone who has moved more than once dreads moving day.

Today we helped one of the children, now young man, move into his new home.

He has worked so hard for this, as they all have, he was so excited.

I am not the help I used to be so my old arms and moral support was all I could give.

It is such a blessing to see your kids do well and achieve their dreams.

You find out who your true friends are, some of his didn't return his favor. I had to because moving here May 31, 2004 was a huge job and I couldn't have done it without him and the rest of the kids who were able to help. They did a yeoman's job after 4o years accumlation of stuff that had to be moved.

It is so exciting to move into your next move up but so strenuous and tiring, too.

Our pastor said you give the first ten percent of you spendable income to your church, you put the next ten percent into your investment and you ought to be able to live off the 80% left.

If you can't, something is wrong, you are living above your means. I agree.

I wish more would have taught and learned that!

Maybe our country wouldn't be in the financial mess it is in.

Ed Winkle

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