Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let's get simple

Becky brought over Liam and Caolin last night and we just had fun.

Caoilin will be bigger than her mom I think! I talked to her and she just cooed. She is surely different from her big brother!

I see my life in that boy. Blonde, blue eyed, asks the same questions I did when I was little. What do you think is doing that papaw Winkle? Same thing I said 55 years ago!

I had to take Liam upstairs and do our secret. Jump on my bed! No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Don't fall off and hit your head!

Just keep it simple, Life is too complicated for us all. A good job, a good garden, happiness from simplicity.

I just like simplicity. I love technology but those engineers over complicate things!

A hundred dollar part stops the combine for 4 hours in a year we cannot get the crop out!

Time has become such money.

Do I have to revert to Amish to simplify my life?


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