Saturday, October 24, 2009


Dear ole dad, hope you had one half as good as mine! I got to missing him last night and posted this on NewAgTalk in the Cafe.

We parted in such good circumstances, January 3, 2001.

The same day my best friend at church had a brain aneurysm and wrecked the grain truck. The family turned him off after a week. Good heart, no brain function left. Maybe Danny's funeral did this to me, my age.

I am listening to the Tumble Weeds by the Sons of the Pioneers. Dad loved that music.

Then his only brother told me he had all their songs on CD's.

I know I wear my heart on my shirtsleeves.

I am a teacher by trade so I can farm.

I will stop the tractor and look up to the heavens and ask dad and grandpa if I am doing the right thing. This peace just comes over me.

I am sorry to talk like a slobbering fool but I miss dad. I thought that was done.

I meet so many farmers who have the same problem. I was taught if you can just help one person..

Gotta go check the bins.

Hope I helped you.

Do I dare hit the Submit button?

Ed Winkle

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