Monday, October 26, 2009


Isn't it great being happy? I was a happy person most of my life, I feel happy now.

Some people just bring me down.

Blair emailed me from Sascathewan and he is right. I cannot get the Tumbling Tumble Weeds out of my head. That gets depressing!

I learned the Catholic chants in college when I was 19. I hear a chant and it all comes back!

The best thing was Becky bringing Liam and Caoilin over for a visit. Caoilin and I are new to each other but I toned my voice down and she giggled and wiggled at me

We played and rolled around and got hungry. Got any frozen berries Papaw Winkle? Sure do!

We ate frozen blueberries until we had blue faces and hands! I think they came from Carla next door. Her family picked them at Rouster's who I helped in the 80's. You have to balance calcium and keep the soil a lower pH than corn or soybeans.

Today maybe dear Lord we can finish sowing wheat and keep running hard on corn shelling so we can get back home and finish this mess I created up! Then we need to finish our soybean harvest.

I am trying to work through this...



  1. Take things a day at a time. Give yourself time to think about the loved ones that are gone. I myself don't see it as being depressing, make sure and let the ones who missed out on meeting them know them thoughts what you remember. As for the crop God will help you take care of them. Just remember when your at what you think is the worst time there is always someone somewhere that might be having it worst. Then you step back and look at the good going on,and count your blessing.

  2. I know Jackie, I just got to missing him. He was my daddy. He took real good care of me and made me strong. Oh I count my blessings every day! My eyes popped open again and I saw thank you Lord every day!

  3. Oh and farmers HAVE to live one day at a time or you will kill yourself or someone else!