Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tumbling Tumble Weeds

That tune from the Sons of the Pioneers has been in my head for weeks. I got real thirsty one day and I remembered dad singing, Cool Clear Water and then my brain went to the Tumbling Tumble Weeds.

Maybe it is because LuAnn I just visited the land of tumbling weeds but I know I miss my dad. It will be nine years January 3, 2010.

He was such a good man and father. His children and grandchildren miss him.

I thought I was OK but maybe I was just being too strong.

I often stop the tractor or truck and look up to the heavens and ask, Dad, Grandpa, am I doing the right thing? Then this peace just comes over me.

When Uncle Roy was down here he told me he had all of the albums of the Sons of the Pioneers on CD. Wow, dad loved the stories of the west and we got to see it!

Fred took him to the Red River Valley one year to buy bulls. I think that was the farthest west dad ever got.

Dad your kids and grandkids miss you. Now you have many great grandchildren who would have loved you too.

Love you Dad.

Your Son,


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