Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sable is trying my patience. I really need to go to school to learn how to train her but I don't have time right now.

Overall she is doing good.

LuAnn put a harness on her and a quick lead and we worked about 15 minutes each day. It really helps her obedience training.

She is one year old and loves affection as most pets do.

I let her out of the truck to see the overhead door man, Mr Bronson and here comes a big red dog out of nowhere. They looked at each other, smelled each other and I thought they were going to fight. They didn't but I had a hard time getting her back in the truck. I thought it might be brutal.

I try to take her everywhere I can but she is trying to show her dominance yet be like I am training her. I am pretty soft by nature and she sure picks up on that.

The pack dog behavior has pretty much stopped. She just wants to be loved like everyone else.

A good friend told me Ed, you really want a German Shepherd? He is wise and I am foolish but here she is. LuAnn says go see your buddy Sable and she almost knocks me down.


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