Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What a harvest today! We could be finished harvesting soybeans on one farm tomorrow and it all be planted to barley and wheat!

Farmers, imagine 71 feet of headers running in one field! I have watched the Stahl harvest videos but we are not the Stahl's. 11 families working 25,000 acres just west of here at last count. They are good guys, had some of the family in my ag classes before I retired.

Here is my post on NewAgTalk:

We ran a leased CNH combine today with 36 foot draper today, honeybee draper.
I was pretty impressed.

It did spread the residue a little better than the R-75 with 35 foot head. We have to spread this residue better.

The CNH guys quizzed me on what we like and what we need. Well that, yellow combine scheme, yuck!
What color you want Mr. "silver seeder?" Well CIH red would be an improvement!
Dead silence. Then I said we all need a machine that will pay for itself in efficiency. I liked the speed and grain quality but that young man had it tweeked.

The thing was smooth as silk but better at that price. They had the right guys there who made it sing like a song.
People stopped and stared!

In another field we had the Deere/Martin air drill seeding, looked like big timers, LOL. I just stood there amazed on the phone keeping trucks rolling.

The combines were hitting hard today in SW Ohio. The lots are empty due to sales and rentals!

Ed Winkle's friends cutting 71 foot a pass, I just couldn't believe it!

Give the machine a chance, it passed my test. Hopper little small at 315 bu, the twinkie lights come on at 75% capacity which was happening often.

Now it has to pass the financial and longevity test.

Can we afford that test?


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