Friday, October 16, 2009

Continuous Soybeans

I have been asked to do another presentation on soybeans in Des Moines, Iowa in January.

I was thinking I could lead off with a picture of a neighbor's great looking soybeans. I think it has been in soybeans 30 years or. I mention that to corn farmers and they just gasp. You are supposed to use crop rotation but sometimes that doesn't pay.

I need to call him this morning and ask permission for a picture and a story for my Power Point.

The man really knows how to farm and works hard at it, but he makes it look so simple!
It isn't that simple.

I would say lots of fertilizer and notill has helped him a lot but not sure. You don't see him tilling, you see him planting and harvesting lots of acre

His weed control is really good this year where other neighbors have weeds out the wazoo.

These resistant weeds to RoundUp Herbicide and misprays have been a real nemesis this year.

Paul Reed taught me to speak with your fields. That is how we help each other. This man is really speaking, he has a great crop and I can see him slyly grinning ear to ear.
He earned it.


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