Friday, October 30, 2009

Be Careful!

Too many accidents happening!

I saw this post on NAT and I would say this man's Guardian Angel kept this man from harm.

The way the tailgate went through the drivers are you would think he should have been beheaded!

I bought an almost new Ford F-250 diesel in 94 I think it was and coming home on the Norwood lateral. It was light rain and the roads were greasy.

A gravel truck came flying west, lost control and I could see him sideways, tires pulled off the truck, he rode the concrete barrier with concrete flying everywhere. I had one lane because my inside lane was under construction.

I tried to miss him and he just nicked my brand new to me truck. It a few thousand miles on it.

It was not totaled but that truck was never right again. I did not miss it when it finally left a few years ago.

The barriers to my right caused the damaged. Blew out my tires, driveshaft, exhaust were gone. What a mess. The paint of the truck looked sandblasted.

The concrete blew out my windows and the truck was full of pieces of concrete.

A driver behind me came and said sir are you OK? Not a scratch. One chunk on the head and I would be here writing this!

And some say there are no modern day miracles?


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