Friday, October 16, 2009

This stinks

This really stinks. You just can't harvest anything right now or plant that new cover or winter crop. That just stinks.

Talked to a friend in Pa this morning, same thing. We are commiserating with each other trying to figure out what in the world do we do next?

Another friend in Missouri calls while we are on the phone. Same thing. His cover crop radished and turnips are dying, laying in water. Seriously.

I guess we are lucky in Ohio to have what we have. Talked to another friend in the farthest NW County of Ohio and he cannot cut a thing. He is a really good farmer and one of my role models.

We were talking about preventive planting crop insurance and the consequences.

If you take it and plant and it fails, you cannot plant another crop next year and receive the payment. Bummer.

If you take the preventive after the planting date of October 20 I think we are OK. That would be $29,000 on one farm I need to make this whole thing cash flow. I promised my banker I would do a good job and I will, if the weather just works with me a little.

My son Mark called and said Dad you must be going crazy with this weather. He knows farming and chose a job with Coca Cola. He got a raise and perks because he just about worked himself to death for them and they appreciated it. Good for Mark. I have six great kids who work really hard to make this a better world for all of us, just like we raised them to be.

Back to the harvest update, it stinks. We just need good weather.

We have these beautiful crops in the field and we can't get them.

Ed Winkle

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