Thursday, October 22, 2009

Really Complicated!

With my stupidity last night I had one auger off and sheared the bolts on the PTO tractor and burned the belts on the whole continuous auger system. Pllugged the whole thing up, what a mess. Lacked 200 bu of unloading the semi. But we did finish that new farm to us.

Now we are almost done reseeding those rolling erodible hills to wheat and barley. I have to give my to Crop Production Services who stepped up and help me do this. Farmers need good suppliers and buyers.

I think southern Ohio may be half done on soybean harvest but just started corn harvest in a few places. Yields are good if we can just get them out.

I needed five semi trailers tonight and finally found two, thank you friends. The old buyers came through for us.

My friend John told me tonight you actually got off the podium and practice what you preach! I don't think I have not planted a crop since I was in FFA in 1964. I never dreamed we would be doing all of this. That was the first time dad let me plant corn. I was so scared, I did not want to let my dad down.

We have 1000 acres plus harvested but 1700 acres left to go. I think we will do this in reasonable time and weather. Getting this crop moved around to the right spot is a real challenge!

I feel bad for the farmers who don't have my situation. I have heard some horror stories. The harvest in the upper plains sounds rough.

Farming is a huge risk these days but one I think I know enough about I am willing to accept the risk.


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