Friday, October 2, 2009


I mean NO harvesting. Very little at this point and it is harvest month.

The very few fields harvested here are yielding really well.

How about 64 bushels for a farm average? That is what one local farm made.

Last years national soybean yield was only 39 bushels. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of poor fields around here and across the country and I am talking about one of the best fields in the county and in this area.

The farmers problem is usually not enough rain, not enough water.

This year we have a little too much couple with a very cool year that made these good crops too wet to harvest. If another person asks me why farmers haven't combined their crop...

You know where that is going. Many nonfarm people look to me as the source of their information on farming. That puts a big responsibility on me to give them correct information, a role I am usually up to.

Right now I just want to say didn't you almost get stuck mowing your yard?

Let us get the crop out and then ask us the hard questions.


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